Jennifer is a regular Missouri Times columnist.

Her pieces have also been published by the Columbia Business Times, 

the Columbia Tribune, and the Missouri Law Review.

Show-Me a State Misrepresented?

Missouri is more representative of the entire United States than any other state. It is the “Gateway” where the East meets the West. The line dividing North and South was literally named “Missouri Compromise Line,” 

A New Hope: The new federal lawsuit that could get rid of Obamacare completely

Remember how the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare failed to pass in the Senate by one vote last July? And how McCaskill’s “no” vote determined the outcome of that bill every bit as much as McCain’s did? 

Boxes, Bans, and Hiring on the Books

Nearly one in three American adults has a criminal record listed in the FBI’s master criminal database. And a criminal record can prevent someone from obtaining employment. This pricey problem affects everyone.    

‘Gun Free Zones’ Aren’t Safe Spaces

She ran down the hall toward the sound of gunfire and threw herself at the shooter, trying to stop him. But Dawn Hochsprung, the 47-year-old principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School was gunned down and unable to prevent that shooter from killing 20 children and six teachers at her school. 

Feeding Grand Juries Baloney Sandwiches

 A prosecutor is supposed to be devoted to enhancing public safety. But, too often in America, prosecutors instead give in to the temptation to use their power to further their own personal ambitions and/or to take out a political opponent. And one cannot help but wonder whether that is currently the case with St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. 

Don’t Gift Medical Marijuana to McCaskill

In Missouri, a decision will be made on medical marijuana this year — during the legislative session and/or at the ballot box in November. There are three different initiative petitions pending with the Secretary of State’s office. (There’s no need to delve into the weeds about the relative advantages and disadvantages of those petitions just yet). Suffice it to say that, one way or another, Missouri is going to go to pot. 


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