Is it murder if there's no homicide?

Consider the case of Jessie McKim, a man who is serving a life sentence without parole in Missouri after he was convicted in 1999 of strangling a woman named Wendy Wagnon. There are a handful of legal reasons to doubt the justice of the verdict against him — allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, disreputable witnesses and ineffective assistance of counsel, for example — but what distinguishes his story is the fact that there now is little reason to believe that Wagnon was murdered at all. 

FOX Files – Wrong way driver enters plea deal right before re-trial

It is a big development in a FOX Files investigation involving a deadly wrong way accident. Kelli Smith entered a plea deal Monday which resulted in probation for two years and 30-days jail 'shock time.' Fox 2 was the only TV station in the courtroom today to witness the dramatic turn of events. 

University of Missouri professor sues over gun prohibition on campus

A University of Missouri professor is filing a lawsuit against the school for prohibiting guns on campus, in what is aimed to be one of the first tests of the state’s newly amended constitution that provides for “strict scrutiny” of gun restrictions. 

St. Louis man freed after serving 20 years for murder

A St. Louis man who had his sentence of life without parole vacated by a judge last month walked free Thursday after a compromise with prosecutors that saw him resentenced to the 20 years he’d already spent in prison for a 1993 murder. 

Man accused in downtown shooting freed after charges dropped

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against Eric Cravens, the 20-year-old Columbia man who was accused of shooting three people in June at Broadway and Tenth Street in downtown Columbia. 

Tony Lewis found not guilty of murder, robbery in Hobson case

When the jury came back with a not guilty verdict for Tony Lewis, quiet sobbing was audible in the otherwise silent courtroom. Lewis hugged his defense team, turned and smiled at his family. Lewis, who spent the last 15 months in jail, was a free man. 


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