20 Under 40 Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Dec 28, 2017

CBT’s 20 Under 40 is meant to be a celebration of people who are going places — for our 2018 issue, we caught up with three of our alumni to see where they’ve gone since joining the 20 Under 40 club. Turns out they’ve gone pretty far (literally and figuratively).

Women’s Justice Awards Rising Star Award Winner Jennifer Bukowsky

Apr 27, 2017

Jennifer Bukowsky does not back down. She represented clients in the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office before leaving to start her own law firm. As a specialist in criminal defense, she is known for her orating skills in the courtroom, as well as her mastery of courtroom rules and jury instructions. She is also known for working tirelessly for her clients, even if it takes years for their cases to resolve.

Jessie McKim has spent the last 20 years behind bars for a murder that never took place

Apr 25, 2017

McKim of Kirksville, Missouri, is serving a life sentence without parole for murdering Wendy Wagnon back in 1997. (He was convicted in 1999.) But back in 2013, it was determined that Wagnon actually died from a meth overdose, even though prosecutors have argued that McKim strangled her. However, while the science says Wagnon was not murdered, a judge has denied McKim’s request for relief because he has “not conclusively proved his innocence.”