Law firm requests pardon before Greitens’ resignation

May 31, 2018

Bukowsky Law Firm has one last request for Gov. Eric Greitens during his final hours in office. The firm is asking Greitens  to grant a clemency petition for a man serving a life sentence.

Jessie McKim was convicted in 1999 of strangling a woman named Wendy Wagnon.

In 2012, the Bukowsky Law Firm received a random unsolicited letter from McKim. Attached to the letter was an additional letter from a doctor who McKim requested to review the case. It claimed the death of Wendy Wagnon was not a strangulation case, but it was a case of a methamphetamine overdose.

However, McKim has been unable to get relief because the judicial system has decided that he is guilty and should stay incarcerated.